Because awards are insignificant, but blogs are not

Sunday, December 10, 2006

The rules of engagement

Please send us your blog nominations via the comments box, or email us at insignificantawards at gmail dot com.

The nomination period ends on Wednesday, 10 January, 2007.

A shortlist will then be drawn up and published on this site one week later, on Wednesday, 17 January, 2007.

Voting on the finalists for the 2007 competition will commence from that date onwards.

There will be just one winner, the name of whom will be announced on Monday, 12 March, 2007.

Remember the golden rule of The Insignificant Awards: it's the taking part that counts - not the winning.

Nominations thus far:

Fussy Bitch
Tragic / Beautiful
Boob Pencil
Non-Working Monkey
Ignorminious' Misty Mind
Big n Juicy
The Overnight Editor
The World Of Yaxlich
Because I'm Worth It
Island Philosophy
Juvenile Dementia
The Girl In The Cafe
Helga Von Porno
Struggling Author
Dan Flynn's Blog
Eine Kleine Nichtmusik
Gay Nazi Sex Vicar ...
Reasons To Be Cheerful
Rullsenberg Rules
Tired Dad
Crack Skull Bob
Unlucky Man
Smaller Than Life
Stepford in Switzerland
The Electric Goose
Beyond The New Economic Anthropology
I Hate The Earth
My Thoughts Exactly
Girl On A Train
Sally Writes
The Moving (Middle) Finger Writes
Nobody Knows It
Our Albion
Paul. because Paul is a nice nameView Though My Window
D-Flat Chime Bar
Eclectic Boogalo0
Ms Cellania
Two Blue Fish
Peppermint Tea
The Wildman Of Wivenhoe
Kaliyuga Kronicles
Nobody Knows It

Button up

'This blog is completely insignificant'All the big weblog awards have buttons which you can put on your site to show that you support it, or that you've been nominated. Here at The Insignificant Awards, though we are nothing but a mere fledgling fighting for space amongst the enormous pterodactyls of the blog competition arena, we are no different in our desire for you to decorate your page with a pretty little button as a means of showing us your linky lurve.

'Be proud. Vote for total insignificance'Please take one of these here graphical devices and use it wisely. Technical instructions for the taking of aforementioned buttons and wise use thereof are not included, because we can't be bothered. And anyway, we're really far too busy drinking tea and plotting global domination. So if you know what to do, do it; and if you don't, please ask an irresponsible adult to help.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Prize? What prize?

As such, there is no prize for winning The Insignificant Awards.

Your reward will come in heaven, and in the form of virtual adulation. At the judges' discretion (and if we're feeling particularly generous), we may also award the winner a packet of biscuits of their choosing. Please be aware, however, that the high cost of international postage could well be a factor in influencing this decision.

About the awards

The Insignificant Awards is the world's most unheard of blog competition. It's a place for the undiscovered to be discovered.

As the annual weblog popularity competitions begin once more, we at The Insignificant Headquarters wish to praise, encourage and salute the unknown blogs that sit in the unrewarded wilderness. Those blogs that will never be voted for by the masses. Those bloggers who will never be nominated for anything (but should be).